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finally on FB!!!

hellooooooo everyone! finally had some time off to start my FB page!! thanks for all the love and support given to my works all this while! God bless!

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as i was mentioning previously, glam squad took on another set of couple (terence & cheryl) for a casual/lifestyle shoot last saturday! and heres the couple!


not hard at all to tell they are very friendly people, isnt it? (: they are lovers of vintage stuff, lomography and teddy bears! are we blessed or what, we’ve got all the “props” and “setting” we need! haha!

cheryl has this very sweet and infectious smile.. so i just had to take a photo with her! (: and pardon my tired looking eyes. i always have insomnia whenever i have an early morning shoot/bridal assignment the next day, because i would be so afraid i cant wake up on time.. lol. and by the time my mind decides to rest, i have to wake up!! rah! so.. this was is the aftermath; puffy under eye! boo.

and from the photo i reckon you can tell cheryl’s eyes have been “amplified”. lol. yessss, for shoot purpose, i had to make her eyes look bigger & brighter. kudos to double eyelid sticker and fake lashes! (:

so sooooo. lets take a look at the final product! just some of my personal fav once again. the editing this time round was somehow swifter than the past few times. hahaha. special thanks to the glam squad for the wonderful images. (: (click for enlarged views!)

hehe. hope you liked it! (: and oh, if you havent noticed, i’ve just added a new tab “portfolio” above; just a small fraction of past works, for the benefit of those who would like to see more. will be updating and adding more from time to time. (:

have a lovely saturday! 😉


hurray! photos are finally out for ken & jess’ shoot.

the glam squad (thats how my team wants to be called. lol.) came up with this rustic-theme wedding shoot all because we wanted to do smthg different and… back to the basics. a small spot in singapore, but far from being singapore.

here are some of my personal favourites! and let our hardwork speak! 😉

i LOVEEEE the final product! and i think i can feel chad’s excitement when he first saw that he has made a gown that was wearable. lol! not that he’s lousy, but he’s not trained in tailoring at all! such talent!! okay im feeling quite ashamed of myself now. i forgot when was the last time i meddled with needle and thread. 😦

but anw! the FIRST thing that came to my mind upon seeing these shots was: “ah! Do-as-Infinity!” 😛 or maybe FIR for some, if you happen to be more familiar with mandarin pop. hahaha. and heres a happier shot of the super cool couple. so thankful to have known them!

heres another look we attempted on the same day! the vintage 60s. and goodness! jess carried off this look so so well! i couldnt stop exclaiming! so full of poise and attitude, in a good and likable way! you know what i mean.

it was such pleasure working with them on this shoot.. 😉 the people, the final product, the weather, the setting all marks up to be an enjoyable session. all the good things coming together to make me love what im doing so much more!

NEXT UP.. casual outdoor shoot with cheryl and terence! just some sneak preview for now! woooo. not sure if you can spot their prized mini cooper from here. hahaha. x)

will update soon! stay tuned for more! x)

be right back!

okay im seeing quite a few readers coming in from! hahaha. promise to update this space on the 8th as soon as im done w my exams. thanks for checking this site out even prior its official launch! 😉 will be updating on the recent photoshoots i’ve been busy with as well.

with the ever-gorgeous bea last sunday. gave her a simple, glowy elegant look at her cousin’s grand wedding dinner. (or the natural korean makeup as she says.. haha..) korean-style makeup has a few musts: flawless looking skin x winged eyeliner x nude OR pastel pink lip colour x thick/straighter brows. during my last yr in shu uemura, i often had requests for “korean” eyebrows during eyebrow trimming appointments; generally less arched, and close to straight. yessss, sorry to say but thin brows have long ago been yesterday’s yesterday! :0

was nice catching up w bea again after so so long!


p/s: kazumi isnt my real name. it was a nickname that was stuck w me since poly days. feel free to call me jasmine if you guys are more comfortable with it. im fine with both. 😉

upcoming shoot!

its TGIF and im getting all excited for another shoot tomorrow! for those who do not know, i’ve recently been working with 3 photographer friends and we’re hoping to explore more into providing wedding photography services. well, nothing is concrete yet but as of now, we’re just enjoying the motion of building our portfolio as a team..

here are two of the gowns designed and tailored by chad, yes he’s one of the 3 photographers as well. but he does alot of the styling part too. 🙂

ken and jess are so nice to be our model for tomorrow’s shoot! these were some photos taken during her wedding in nov last yr. and im deeply honoured to be their makeup artist for that day.

yesssss i knowwwww, very pretty right! hee. btw shes also the very nice and friendly owner of! do check out her online boutique – many nice pieces at affordable prices!

and yay, i cant wait to meet them tomorrow! x)

i went sephora few days back and i went ecstatic upon seeing this….

yes! its a set of 6 makeup forever eyeliners; 1 actual size with 5 mini ones. @ only $58! it’s definitely one of the best pencil eyeliners ard.. and heee, im a big fan of the cool colours! namely the turquoise, purple and navy blue. 😉

smiley face in black. colours in order: dark gray, turquoise, purple, navy blue and brown! how versatile and easy to use colours!

and something pretty to shareeeeee…………….

snaps of my pretty pretty gelish manicure and pedicure! they are lovingly done by my friend, eunice, and im so happy to have her. shes the only one i know whom does mani/pedi with NEW sets of files and buffs. shes very particular on nail hygiene and i really value that alot.

before i knew eunice as my nail artist, i nv knew using the same buffers/files on many different customers could bring upon certain complications. if a manicurist were to use a used file on you, and previously filed a person’s nails that were infected, chances are you’ll get affected too, without you even knowing. and sadly, i was one of the uninformed victims. boo. 😦

but all is well! im still blessed because i have eunice now! forever having happy, healthy nails awaiting! 🙂 *muah*

the wedding affair

now that my journey with shu has officially ended, im having more time to think and conceptualize ideas i’ve been hogging on for so long. ❤ all is well.. i guess its right. when God closes one door for you, its all because He has opened another one for you. to my dreams, fighting!

anyway! been contemplating long to restart my blogging routine but work just doesnt allow or grant me enough discipline for this. now that i’m on my break! let me turn back time and bring out some works of recent, at least this yr ok? 🙂 many would have already saw some of these on facebook, nonetheless, here’s a more complete one w captions k. 😉


jean clearing mirror stains

spot jean’s tiny heart shape ❤

one of my favourite shots that day! 🙂 jean and champagne.

and here’s from the 2nd half of the day! 🙂

yesyes the 2nd look of the night got so many of us excited! we absolutely adore shu uemura lashes! so happy to be working with a “daring” bride!

ending off with a photo of us! too bad i havent get to see a grp photo of the duo and i. 😦 but will add on to this entry when i see it!

photo credits: jean’s sister MAY, photographer BENJAMIN, and my iphone 🙂