helllllllo (:

its been quite long since i last updated! just thought to blog something here lest no one comes back anymore ): hehe! been happily busy with work and stuff.. and just wanna take this chance to thank all readers and all the new customers whom i’ve met during the past 2 months. (:

thanks for trusting me and loving my works. nothing beats this kinda satisfaction i get from working on faces, and i really mean it. things are getting different for me now that i’ve left a brand, and started working by myself. not easy, but i guess the satisfaction and recognition gotten in return is all worthwhile..

now that my workstation is up, i’m open to take in all my eyebrow trimming customers AGAIN! 😀 so for all of you who live in the east area (bedok central), and have been dejected coz you always cant get in eyebrow trimming appointments @ shu uemura. fret not, i hope i’ve just provided you an alternative. kindly just text/whatsapp me @ 9298 7415 for an appointment! (:

i’ve always love to do eyebrow trimmings back then in shu! haha.. coz you’ll get to see the same customers coming back to you every 4-6weeks, hoping that you’ll “revive” their brows and make them look awesome again! haha.. i guess the common reason for coming back to me is usually because they’ve had unpleasant past experiences elsewhere. like over-trimmed brows? D: or one brow higher than the other? double D:

and as time goes by, every session becomes like a catch-up/dumping session too. from months to years, from mere customers to friends.. the little things like that i treasure alot. and probably the main reason that kept me holding to the brand for so long..

okays gonna stop the emo-ing now. something happier? 😀

hehe, my recent pedicure done by eunice once again! her cute plush, dotty makes it look even cuter isnt it? lol.

have a lovely weekend ahead everyone!! (:


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