as i was mentioning previously, glam squad took on another set of couple (terence & cheryl) for a casual/lifestyle shoot last saturday! and heres the couple!


not hard at all to tell they are very friendly people, isnt it? (: they are lovers of vintage stuff, lomography and teddy bears! are we blessed or what, we’ve got all the “props” and “setting” we need! haha!

cheryl has this very sweet and infectious smile.. so i just had to take a photo with her! (: and pardon my tired looking eyes. i always have insomnia whenever i have an early morning shoot/bridal assignment the next day, because i would be so afraid i cant wake up on time.. lol. and by the time my mind decides to rest, i have to wake up!! rah! so.. this was is the aftermath; puffy under eye! boo.

and from the photo i reckon you can tell cheryl’s eyes have been “amplified”. lol. yessss, for shoot purpose, i had to make her eyes look bigger & brighter. kudos to double eyelid sticker and fake lashes! (:

so sooooo. lets take a look at the final product! just some of my personal fav once again. the editing this time round was somehow swifter than the past few times. hahaha. special thanks to the glam squad for the wonderful images. (: (click for enlarged views!)

hehe. hope you liked it! (: and oh, if you havent noticed, i’ve just added a new tab “portfolio” above; just a small fraction of past works, for the benefit of those who would like to see more. will be updating and adding more from time to time. (:

have a lovely saturday! 😉


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