the wedding affair

now that my journey with shu has officially ended, im having more time to think and conceptualize ideas i’ve been hogging on for so long. ❤ all is well.. i guess its right. when God closes one door for you, its all because He has opened another one for you. to my dreams, fighting!

anyway! been contemplating long to restart my blogging routine but work just doesnt allow or grant me enough discipline for this. now that i’m on my break! let me turn back time and bring out some works of recent, at least this yr ok? 🙂 many would have already saw some of these on facebook, nonetheless, here’s a more complete one w captions k. 😉


jean clearing mirror stains

spot jean’s tiny heart shape ❤

one of my favourite shots that day! 🙂 jean and champagne.

and here’s from the 2nd half of the day! 🙂

yesyes the 2nd look of the night got so many of us excited! we absolutely adore shu uemura lashes! so happy to be working with a “daring” bride!

ending off with a photo of us! too bad i havent get to see a grp photo of the duo and i. 😦 but will add on to this entry when i see it!

photo credits: jean’s sister MAY, photographer BENJAMIN, and my iphone 🙂


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