“my spoon story”

heyy. came across this some time back but just thought i shld share it with you guys.

shes like one of my favourite person to check out on youtube everytime and i envy her inexhaustible creativity.  im sure you’ll enjoy this video even if you didnt think it was that useful.. haha! asahi sasaki really takes great effort to make her videos simple and interesting to watch. and shes uber cute and cranky! in this video, “my spoon story” teaches us some techniques on eyelining (cat-eyed), curling of lashes and mascara application.

but honestly, the way of using the spoon to curl lashes is kinda freaky. just make sure your lashes are strong enough to stay rooted. also, the curl effect wouldnt be as effective as using an eyelash curler. so.. dont risk. continue using your eyelash curler unless your baby brother ate it up or smthg.. lol. and as for eyeliner drawing, you basically still need a pair of hands stable enough to draw a straight line, because the spoon was mainly used to draw the tapered end of the eyeliner.

enjoy! 🙂


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